About Us

We've always considered ourselves artisan traders, crafting our high quality and distinctive products to fill demand in the market for aware, responsible and engaged consumers who need economical, earth-friendly alternatives for their homes and health.

Farmers, distillers and traders from the USA and over 15 other countries supply their products to us. We support local producers as often as we can and always work with grassroots, fair-trade manufacturers.

We give 10% of our total profits back to the communities that support our business; this support helps with everything from education and fair wages to women's rights. Education for children, rehabilitation for women and fair wages for workers is impeccably implemented by our supervisors in Asia and Africa. Close ties with our sources of production allow us to create some really unique, culturally diverse products for ourselves and in helping communities that provide them to get a better life.

We at BUY WELLNESS believe and promote the shop local, natural, cruelty-free, organic, sustainable and fair-trade philosophy. Feel good about the products you consume! And to actively engage our customers to help the environment, we offer incentives